The Way Forward is Fraught with Blind Alleys

Whenever I start a painting idea It may end up somewhere that I did not intend. And this exercise is a case in point. I began with a drawing of the human figure, all very brief poses done at the beginning of a modeling session, known as gesture drawings. I kept looking at the drawing in my studio over the last few weeks knowing I wanted to use it as a spring board for a painting exercise. I don’t like it. It bothers me, and it may bother you too! But I like that it bothers me. It means that the creative process has succeeded in following intuition to a conclusion. Time will judge if it is a successful conclusion. I have stacks off paintings such as this, begun and stopped, not necessarily completed in my way of thinking at the time. And what I have found out is that once this work goes away into a portfolio to surface years or decades later it is then that I can make a more fair judgement.


About andrewyoung

I am an artist working with glass for 38 years. My company Pearl River Glass Studio, Inc. is underway in a major business expansion adding 10,000 sq. ft. of studio space to our existing facility in Midtown Jackson. We are designing and manufacturing kiln formed architectural art glass. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, and artists to explore what is possible with glass as an art form. Visit the Pearl River Glass Studio FaceBook page and our website at And if you are ever in Mississippi let me give you a tour of the studio and show you what we have found is possible with glass and meet our talented group of artists and craftsmen.
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